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Take Dada Seriously! It’s Worth It?, Guest Projects Digital Residency, 2020

WEAVE IT! 100 Years of the Bauhaus Weaving Workshop, group show, Stour Space, London, 2019

They Become Ours, group show, 062 Gallery, Chicago, 2018

Motherhood & Making, V&A Museum of Childhood, London, 2018

Textiles Archive Tour, V&A Blythe House, London, 2018

Decorating Dissidence: Feminist Craft, Mile End Arts Pavilion, London 2017

Peaks: Self Care Club, Buster Mantis, group show, London, 2016

Peaks: Why DIY?, Buster Mantis, group show, London 2016

Peaks: Creative Placemaking, solo show, Joyeux Bordel, London, 2015

Peaks: Body On Me, group show, Joyeux Bordel, London, 2015

The Institute of Political Art, group show, 310 NXRoad Gallery, London, 2015

Objects, Platform Gallery, group show, London, 2014

Festival of English, University of Kent, 2014

A Pussy Riot Panel’ at Bluestocking Bookstore, New York, 2013

’Angus & Soest’, solo show, Catch, London 2010

XOX Showcase, group show, Manchester International Festival, 2009

Workshop facilitator 

Craft Your Drafts! – a paper weaving/collage workshop as part of Making From The Mess: technē Student-led Conference, 2019

Textiles as Modernist Legacy (Crafting/Thinking workshop) – a felt sewing workshop that took place during a panel discussion on modernism and textiles, 2019

Research/Interrupted – regular meet-up for researchers to discuss mental health advocacy in academia, London, Various Locations, 2016-2018

University/Interrupted – a one-off creative workshop during the pensions strike to amplify PhD/ECR voices, 2017

How to make your work collaborative – creative workshop & talk on establishing dialogues and collaborations between researchers and artists, 2017

Self Care Club – panel workshop on mental health, creativity & activism, London, UK, 2016

Why DIY? – panel workshop on DIY art practices & inclusivity, London, UK, 2016