PEAKS Series

The PEAKS Series, brought together a regular programmed of themed events that drew together academics, artists and DJs under one roof.

The events explored: the role of the body in photography (in collaboration with Nastasia Alberti), noise music (in collaboration with Hannah Evans and Ellie Green), creative placemaking, Balkan identities (in collaboration with Nataša Cordeaux), self-care and DIY cultures (in collaboration with Celia Wickham).

Taking place between East and South London the aim was to create links throughout the city between different creatives and in this spirit we created a series of content alongside each event including podcasts, blogs and social.

Selected Events:

WHY DIY? – In collaboration with Milk & Honey

This event explored how doing it yourself can be an empowering act – with zine makers, artists, performance artists and an all girl choir getting in on the act. Co-curated by Not So Popular & Milk and Honey.

With thanks to – Panel Members: Megan and Molly @ Hotdog zine, Isaac @ Diaspora Drama Zine, Georgia @ GIRLS/CLUB and Zahra @ Roadfemme | Artists: Sian Landau, Ella Deacy, Kayleigh Handley | Live Music: SHE Choir | London Nails: Charlie @ Nail Transphobia |DJs: Sister Sounds DJs, Pillow Queen


This event explored how affectivity impacts us in the urban environment. Featuring a solo show by artist Caroline Derveaux and a talk on creative placemaking from Claire Malakia.