They Becomes Ours

In this group show, we paid attention to the ephemeral and the fleeting. Bringing together artists from both the UK and US, They Become Ours explored the ways in which our personal histories and intergenerational relationships are integral to the formations of newer and more radical intimacies with the self. These artists thicken, spread and sift the multiple layers of memory, family, ageing, and genealogical delineations, that make up our everyday and overarching social narratives.

These are the moments that haunt us.
We are haunting them.

The evening explored and negotiated the ways in which the form of the palimpsest builds and accumulates experiences, traces and layers of meaning. To write, to write again, to overwrite – the palimpsest creates and embodies textures of time that are continuous, allowing for us to think of writing and art-making as an accumulative and living draft.